Puerto Rico (Spanish Virgin) Islands 2006

Spanish and other Virgin Islands

Flying from San Juan to Culebra, Jan 14

Culebra, Jan 14-17

The cut from bay to Caribbean and a local establishment at bridge.

From the Dinghy Dock bar (tarpon, revelers, view across the bay)

'Downtown' Dewey, and ferry dock area.

The trail to the other side, and Playa Tamarindo.

Villa Boheme

Vieques, Jan 17-22

Casa Alta Vista

'Backside' of easterly point at Navio Beach.

Green Beach and neighborhood

Bio Luminescent Bay outing

Blue Beach and neighborhood


Looking from Esperanza's bay toward isthmus (Sun Bay beyond)

Esperanza Malecon views

Esperanza neighborhood views: Bread fruit and flowers.

Playa Grande (southwest beach) and razor wire.

On the way home including soggy landscape of San Juan

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Originals (not shown) were mostly taken at 2816x2112 (6 megapixel) resolution with a Panasonic DMC-FX9 camera mostly at ISO 80 or 100, optical image stabilization mode 2, and otherwise auto settings. Enlongated images (3:2) were taken with an old 35mm waterproof Canon. Images with 'fil' in the name were postprocessed by NeatImage to reduce digital noise (not very apparent in these reduced size images). Those images with 'bal' or 'man' in the name were adjusted for [brighness,contrast,gamma] in Microsoft Photo Editor either automatically or manually.

Jim Zandlo, 2006