This is the cabin we built in 2007 at Sugarloaf on Lake Superior.

Our old 'softsided cabin' was in a pretty nice, pretty level spot. We decided that the area between our tent and our outdoor kitchen area would have a pretty good view and be flat enough that we could put the cabinette on blocks. That said, I cleared out branches that would get in our way while building.

We took out only four trees - pretty little - they offered little resistance.
I dug out the stumps and a lot of roots and some stones. 4x8x16 concrete blocks were placed and leveled. Sounds basically easy but in practise moving around concrete blocks repeatedly to change heights by, say, 1/4 inch is very tiring and produces a bit of madness.
We anticipate that mice, etc will take advantage of any opening not blocked to find a better life. We decided to cover the bottom of the frame with aluminum screen. The screen would also allow us to drop unfaced insulation between the joists. The only problem was that the partly assembled base made of of 2x8 green wood was heavier than we liked - not too bad going up so we could attach the screening - coming down though was more of a slightly controlled free fall onto our precisely placed 'foundation. All was ok it turned out.
Getting the green 3/4 inch plywood all attached meant that we were fininished with most of the heaviest items. It is momentous to be able to step on the deck - no rocking - a floor, really! You could dance on it - maybe even a chicken dance!
Another weekend ... lots of measuring and cutting but it all had to be stored 'til next time'. Stacking everything on the deck and covering with a huge tarp was pretty effective.
Another weekend ... repeat last weekend more or less but THIS time its assembled walls that are laid on the deck.
Standing up the assembled framing is fast and you get SO much for your time and effort. Having a brand-new cordless gas-powered Hitachi framing nail gun din't hurt!
Another weekend ... this time things get mostly closed in. Any piece of siding with an opening was very putsy - careful measurements of the opening relative to the edge of the last piece applied had to be taken and carefully transcribed to the next piece to be cut - whew!
Door's in - you can close, lock it.
Deck boards on - you can sit on it.
Roof on - it's late October, you can relax. The rest'll keep 'til spring.