Bonaire Jan 15-Feb 10, 2012

Rae and her sister and her husband and myself arrived in Bonaire after dark on Jan 15, 2012.

We'll post pictures here now and then while we are there.

You might want to check out the weather or weather or weather or some webcams there.

Arriving in the islands (the 'A' of ABC islands - Aruba) ... only 6 hours to go ...

On Bonaire we're staying at Sand Dollar

The unit faces SSE with a view of Klein Bonaire a mile or so out.

The inside ...

Washington Slagbaai ational Park

Last year I dropped my old Olympus overboard but I replaced it with a used one. It still suffers from a lack of image stabilization and I think the camera's own image algorithms are somewhat different than the slghtly earlier model I replaced. I've since destroyed the'good' battery so most of the pictures are and will be from a Polaroid X800 (cheap but handy). I've removed blue tint and done some contrast stretching.etc. using Paint Shop Pro 9. All pictures taken while snorkeling in a few inches to about 30 feet down.

Some of the following links show files with multiple still 2012images and video.

, 2012