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Bonaire Bari Reef (mostly) Frogfish


Frogfish ... All imagery was taken with a Panasonic LUMIX TS3 or TS5 or Olympus Stylus 410.

When we arrived at SandDollar in late Jan 2014 we learned that a 'red' frogfish could be found near the cogwheel at 42 feet on some orange encrusting sponge. When I first got down on Jan 29 and took a picture I wasn't at all sure that I was actually looking at a frogfish. When I went down the next day, however, the red and white lump on the orange sponge had disappeared. Since I was freediving I wouldn't have much time to find it but luckily it had moved just a few feet away and not much deeper.

With windy conditions even out where the frogfish was I was not getting a lot of days where I could clearly see the bottom from the surface and I was reluctant to dive on those days. I didn't spot the frogfish again until a few a few weeks later in the same 'new' spot. In that last picture on Feb 20 the lure can be seen.

We also saw a yellow frogfish in less than 6 feet of water on Klein Bonaire on 3 separate trips on the Woodwind (Feb 6, Feb 12, Feb 17).

In 2013 a frogfish stayed on a clump of purple sponges just deeper at 20-some feet of the buoy for the boundary to Buddy Dive. It was easy to visit often and there was more light for no-flash pictures.

In 2015 a grey frogfish was spotted on pillar coral at about 30 feet - during the day it moved to rope sponges - but there one day and gone the next.

A pinkish-beige-ish frogfish also hung around in 2015 but was only captured with the older technology Olympus Stylus 410.

, 2013-2015