Rae Walk

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Every year on her birthday in April Rae likes to be finding and walking new trails. She walks the trails of Lake Superior's north shore most every fall as the leaves change color. She walks mountains and deserts and beaches when she has the chance. She's slogged to the hummocks of the evergaldes to visit an aligator's haunt. She's been surrounded by lemmings on a silent walk in a sphagnum bog.

In small canyons there are not many choices of which path to take. Don't go if it may rain but you may get wet feet anyway.

Mrs. Catherwood, I presume. The illustrator of ruins in tropical Americas comes to mind when exploring those areas.

Pukaswa National Park along the most remote of Lake Superior's shores is a seclucded experience with fewer than 100 visitors per year.

Rae walked the hillside trails between the towns of Cinque Terra. Along the way she enjoyed the high views of the Mediterranean, olive groves, and the occasional lemon.

Many other walks ...

, 2014