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Bonaire 2015

We were in Bonaire in 2015. We hope you enjoy the pictures from the trip posted here.

You might want to check out the weather or weather or tides or some webcams there or reef guide.

On the sandy flats of Bari reef.

More Bari reef.

The Onima Boca area north of Rincon.

Out with Dee and the Woodwind to the far side of Bonaire.

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atop Seru Largo
Back to the reef.


Lumix both died - for the rest of the time on Bonaire using old technology: a Olympus Stylus 410.
Andrea II.

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Looking south, in the distance salt piles on left and salt pier on right - pink salt flats on left, blue Caribbean dive sites on right.

This year all pics are with a Panasonic TS3 or TS5 mostly on auto settings using availble light except revert to Olympus Stylus 410 when they died. I used the flash on a few pics deeper than 20 feet (camera is good down to 40 feet - great for us since we snorkle only). GIMP and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 were used for post processing. My web pages are (no doubt obviously) done with a simple text editor. The Deshaker filter for VirtualDub was used on the videos. , ©2015